iOS 15 Release Date, Features, Tech Specifications

Here you can find iOS 15 Release Date, Features, Tech Specifications. Apple is not preparing a large number of major innovations in iOS 14. As it became known earlier from the Bloomberg report, Apple has moved some of the new features to iOS 15. This was due to the company’s desire to focus in iOS 14 on optimization, stability improvements and bug fixes.

It is known that when creating iOS 15, Apple will apply a new way of development. Apple will create a special system that will allow you to exclude from the final Assembly of specific functions that contain flaws. Due to this, the company will be able to improve the overall stability of the operating system for the iPhone.

The company decided to completely update its view on the design and performance of the new iOS 15, so we will see a completely new style. If the rumors are confirmed, the new iOS 15 can become a completely new level of product that once and for all will make it significantly protected from errors and bugs.

We know that first beta of iOS 15 we can install in June, 2021. All iOS 15 final version release date – September, 2021. 

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