iPad Pro Clone – Free shipping from China.

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All-New Apple iPad Pro has set the gold standard for tablet design and functionality, but with so much competition from all sides, it’s only logical to expect a similarly great alternative. Or at least, a iPad Pro clone from Shenzhen.

iPad Pro Clone with free shipping from China is exactly that – an unoriginal copy of the iPad Pro and unsurprisingly it’s coming from China. I like my country. What’s more shocking, though, is that it is a well made iPad Pro Clone with an amazing value for the money!!!

While you’d need to shell out $800 for a basic, 12.9-inch 32GB iPad Pro with no cellular data connectivity, the new 12-inch iPad Pro Clone tablet costs $350, offers 128GB of internal storage, and features 3G cellular data connectivity. 🙂

The big difference comes in the system chip that powers the whole show: new Apple’s iPad Pro is powered by the Apple A8X chip, while the iPad Pro Clone features a 64-bit Intel quad-core solution with clock speeds reaching up to 2.16GHz and it comes with 2GB of RAM, a reasonable amount that allows some flexibility with multitasking.

Finally, the 3G connectivity supports WCDMA bands, and you can also place calls while surfing the web on this tablet. There’s also a 5-megapixel main, rear camera, and a 2-megapixel front cam. Not bad for a tablet that costs less than $350 with 12-inch display, is it?

Coming soon. We wait one example….

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