iPad Wireless Keyboard Review

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You got an iPad, and you want an additional nice keyboard for easier typing, but Apple’s wireless keyboard and keyboard dock are a bit pricey, so is there any alternative choice? Yes, you surely have a choice. Introducing the knockoff iPad wireless keyboard, it works and looks exactly like the real thing, and cost waaaay cheaper. Trust us — it’s worth it.




What we have here is a wireless keyboard which looks just like the normal Apple keyboard. It’s thin and beautiful. It supports your iPad, Mac and even PC. Its built-in Bluetooth technology works great, and it has a perfect row of shortcut keys to control your iPad. Starting from the furthest left is a Home button, which works just like hitting the iPad’s own Home button to access the home screen. Then there’s a Spotlight search button that interrupts whatever you’re doing to bring the iPad back into Spotlight mode, brightness down and up buttons, a button to activate Picture Frame mode, and a button to call up the virtual on-screen keyboard should you need it for something you can’t easily do with the wireless keyboard.




You will probably love the playback keys including track backwards, play/pause, and track forwards controls for iPod music and video playback, volume mute, down, and up buttons, and finally a lock key. Pressing the lock key merely turns the iPad’s screen on and off. The rest of the iPad wireless keyboard’s keys are just like a standard Apple keyboard’s, and unlike the iPad Keyboard Dock, it includes the “function (fn)” key. Yup, with the function key, you can use all the fn keys (f1, f2, f3…) on your Mac or PC. The “control,” “option,” and “command” keys are sitting there too.

For the typing, we can tell you it’s flawless. This entire article was typed on the iPad wireless keyboard with instant familiarity, and just as much speed and accuracy as using either a wired or wireless Apple keyboard. The feel of the keys is very similar to using the keyboard on a MacBook.



The iPad Wireless Keyboard requires just two AAA batteries. Just like Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, it has an intelligent power management system to conserve battery life. So when you’re not using the keyboard, it automatically powers down. The instant you start typing, it turns back on. You can use the on/off switch when you’re away from your iPad for a long time.

This is probably the best third party option for your iPad if you need a wireless keyboard desperately. It’s available for sale on our store, just $29.90, not including shipping. This is almost half the price of the original, while getting the same feature as Apple wireless keyboard.

Updated. iPad Wireless Keyboard have been sold.

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