iPhone 5S into iPhone 6 Plus Body.

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We have seen many iPhone 5 into iPhone 5S body and in the hands of profiteers, it seems that nothing is impossible. Let us look at another masterpiece profiteers, which modified iPhone 5S (or some parts from iPhone 6) into iPhone 6 Plus body!!!!!

One Weibo user bought new iPhone 6 Plus, but … when he turned his iPhone 6 Plus, he understand that it isn’t iPhone 6 Plus. Wowwww. On the picture you can see that this “iPhone 6 Plus” internal after seem empty shell, but also “fly line” presence, obviously not original product, but through other models modification from the (maybe iPhone 6). You can see iPhone 6 Plus body and some parts, but others details are from others models. I think from iPhone 5S. 🙁




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