iPhone 6c Price in USA + Canada.

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4-inch iPhone 6c 2016 Price in USA + Canada whout contract + with contract. We know that Apple will be released their 4-inch 2016 model named iPhone 6c in March/April, 2016.

iPhone 6c Price in USA: $549 / 16GB

iPhone 6c Price in USA: $649 / 64GB

A few days ago on the web there was a video that allegedly captures a new 4-inch iPhone 6c 2016 model. Video appeared on YouTube-channel M.I.C. Gadget. According to the author’s posts, this device – one of the first iPhone 6c prototypes from Foxconn plant.

Externally, the smartphone is strongly reminiscent of an existing model iPhone 6s: design, as well as the location of the buttons and connectors, apparently remained exactly the same.  We know that iPhone 6c will be have similar design like iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, but with small display like iPhone 5.

However iPhone 6c size slightly decreased. It is this parameter allows you to talk about what the video shows is a 4-inch version of the upcoming smartphone from Apple. Nevertheless, we should not unconditionally trust the roller, this is not the final design. In addition, the video can be displayed at all Chinese fake. We think it’s one of the real iPhone 6c prototype, but when you can see on description, final version will have more features. Ok.

When? If it will be true, official iPhone 6c keynote – 15-th March, real offficial iPhone 6c release date will be 25-th March. 

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