iPhone 7 Compatible Headphones. iPhone 7 will have 3.5mm Audio Jack.

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Some things about iPhone 7 Compatible Headphones. Today we have one good news. iPhone 7 will have 3.5mm audio jack. Yep. We spoke with our friends from Foxconn and they confirmed that Foxconn keeps goods 3.5mm audio jack in 2016 like in 2015. It’s mean than Foxconn must have a stable supply of parts for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Don’t forget that french resource NowhereElse.fr published drawing alleged iPhone 7, which shows that the design of the smartphone will be made in the style of the current flagship iPhone 6s, with a few exceptions. According to the technical layout, the width of the iPhone 7 will be housing 67.12 mm, and height – 138.3 mm (these sizes are indicators iPhone 6s).


What do you think? Hmm. We think it’s not iPhone 7, but iPhone 7 Case. Some our friends support us, that on the picture you can’t see the prototype of the new smart phone (iPhone 7), but drawings of new cases for smartphones (iPhone 7).

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