iPhone 7 first weekend sales in USA, Canada, Worldwide.

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iPhone 7 first weekend sales in USA, Canada, Worldwide. According to a report by Daily Mail, Apple’s iPhone sales figures have come down to 50.4 million in the first quarter of 2016. The company recorded 61 million sales last year. Company’s revenue also fell accordingly. It indicates that the company didn’t grow since last 13 years. This year, Apple’s three major products lineup Mac, iPhone and iPad all have seen a decline in sales.

For many industry analysts, Apple’s immediate future relies on its upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to arrive sometime in September. Industry analysts warn that if Apple doesn’t introduce any meaningful features in iPhone 7, there are chances that people won’t go for the new the iPhone. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 7 may feature wireless headphones, touch sensitive Home button and waterproof casing. According to analysts, these changes are not enough to make people ditch their phones that are already dominating the market. Don’t forget that MIC Gadget always wrote last leaked photos before official iPhone release date.

A report by Barrons suggests that talks in Wall Street indicate that iPhone 7 will bring a revolution for Apple. According to an analyst Timothy Arcuri, “iPhone 7 will serve as a bridge to a “new cycle of innovation in 2017.”

It is also being said that the declining growth figures are a result of Chinese market. According to the source, Apple heavily focused on China in last two years. Its rivals, such as Samsung, are bringing state of smartphone saturation in Chinese markets. Huawei is also being considered as one of the strongest competitors of Apple iPhones in China.

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