iPhone 7 Jet Black vs iPhone 7 Black, Compare Models.

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Compare iPhone 7 Models. iPhone 7 Black vs iPhone 7 Black. What shade of these two should I choose? Here are a few differences between them, which will help you make the right choice.

The most notable change in the aesthetic of the new iPhone line 7 can be considered the emergence of two new shades: black and black onyx. Each of these variants of color and stylish looks advantageously.

Black color is still the same matte metallic color, gloss black refers to the previous model “iPhone” like iPhone 3G/3GS when he was a reflective glass surface of the housing.

iPhone 7 Jet Black vs iPhone 7 Black:

1.The obvious advantage of the colors “Jet Black” – the glossy reflective unibody. Matte black is less intense and does not “mirror” as glossy.
2. “Jet Black” looks much darker than the iPhone 7 in matt black. This last part can be regarded as a very dark shade of gray.
3. On the glossy surface (on iPhone 7 Jet Black) you can see your fingerprints, marks, spots. Matte black has no such disadvantage.
4. With time on your iPhone 7 Jet Black with a glossy surface may appear scratches from normal use of the device. Matte black in this regard is more stable.
5. iPhone 7 in Jet Black and Black colors has a similar strength.
6. Glossy Black iPhone Jet Black does not slip in hand, iPhone 7 Black – slides.
7. iPhone 7 Jet Black color will is more expensive, because it is not present in the version of 32 GB and started at 128GB. You can be purchased iPhone 7 Matte black in versions of 32, 128 and 256 GB.


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