iPhone 7 Plus Review – Two months Experience

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iPhone 7 Plus Review. Hello everyone. Today I want to share my personal two-months experience with new iPhone 7 Plus. From first sight iPhone 7 Plus don’t look like a very innovative product, but it is. Let’s start from the package of the smartphone. On the front side we see the back side of the product.


Inside the box we meet the envelope with different documents. All these things now similar in shape with Apple Watch boxes. Then, we see our new smartphone in protective stickers, charging device, Lighting wire, EarPods headphones with Lightning connector and Lighting adapter to 3,5-mm connector in white color. It white even you buy a black iPhone 7Plus. I don’t like it, because black phone with white adapter looks like a cheap product, but I’m getting used to it.

Let’s take the black gadget in our hand. My phone is black and dull. My first impression after the first contact with the iPhone 7 is surprise. I wonder, how it can look so new, although it doesn’t have any big updates. Some time later you understand the main reason of this impression. It’s because Apple did the new iPhone as very holistic product.

iPhone 7 Plus camera visually became bigger and wider comparing with previous models. The camera, like before, bulges, but in more massive and serious way. When we look at iPhone 6 and 6s Plus we think it doesn’t look pertinently, but in new iPhone 7 Plus it looks quite good.

Volume buttons look like before, but now they don’t look very massive. Power button also looks well. In new iPhone the button a little bit sharper, so it became easier to find it on the phone. On the lower bound we have only one distinction, but which one! The 3,5-mm audio jack place disappeared and in that place we have second dinamic. Unfortunately, this dinamic is just for symmetry and it doesn’t work.

Getting used to a new Home button in iPhone 7 Plus may take some time, because it not mechanical, but sensory. So it’s not necessary to push it, if you want to return to a main screen or call Siri – it doesn’t make any mechanical feelings. But this habit sometimes embarrasses me, because it’s hard to get used to don’t push this button.

Now we don’t have 3,5-mm audio jack and mechanical Home button, so because of that, Apple made the new IPhone 7 water and dust protection. With it Iphone can not be afraid of water even on 30 minutes on 1 meter depth. We can place it in a glass of water and enjoy the view.

In general, iPhone 7 Plus display don’t have any differences with iPhone 6s Plus. We have 5,5-inches display with 3D Touch system. But new screen is more colorful. These colors are amazing. During the sunny day you can easy use it, but you have to remember, that in maximum brightness your battery level is going lower more faster.

The EarPods have new Lighting connector, but they are similar to their previous friend EarPods. We don’t see any changes in them, although many experts say music quality is higher now.

But we have one thing that we don’t have to forget. It’s about new wire adapter. If you use it with expensive Beats, Bose or B&W headphones, you will be disappointed. Apple, what you have done with it?

Now I want to talk about storage capacity in iPhone 7. It has increased twice — 32,128 or 256 GB. It’s very good, that Apple understands 16 GB is too small capacity. Now they don’t produce any products with only 16 GB and it’s more comfortable.

Also, battery capacity become bigger in iPhone 7 Plus in comparison with IPhone 6s. Now smartphone can work two hours longer and it’s amazing. Battery works really good. When I use YouTube and iMovie, it can work one day. In way, then I don’t use them – two days.

The main iPhone 7 Plus camera has 12Mp camera and ability to make a portrait photos. Technically, the new iPhone camera has a big update after previous model. But, do we see the difference? The answer is Yes. In practice, photos are very colorful and bright. And portrait mode works as it could be a professional camera.

If you want to have a lot of great emotions, but you have iPhone 6/6s, you don’t have to buy an IPhone 7 Plus. It could be better to wait for a new iPhone 8 which is going to be like something extremely new. New invention of Apple will be really interesting.

In over side, if you change your phone every year you don’t have to forgot about iPhone 7. It’s obvious, that new Apple product is better that iPhone 6s in all ways.

Also you may think about buying a new model if you don’t change your phone for some time. This new phone, especially in black color will make only good impression.

And what about size? All that I can say it’s I don’t know, how I could use iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 Plus is great.

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