iPhone 7 Waterproof. How to test a iPhone 7 for water resistance.


How to test a iPhone 7 for water resistance. Is iPhone 7 Waterproof? Say you’ve had a iPhone for a few days and the closest it comes to water is washing your hands or going in the shower. Can I short of dunking it in a bowl of water and hoping for the best or sending it off for a service every year?

One of the most popular question about new Apple smartphone is “water resistance”. We know that Samsung has been released their waterproof smartphones, but you can’t dunking old iPhone models in a bowl of water. Next question about iPhone 7. Before you test your new smartphone, you must understand that not all “water resistance” products can dunking in a bowl of water. Why?

! Don’t forget that if you can’t see on iPhone inscription “Waterproof”, this models are not intended for use in water. Try not to keep them in humid places and protected from accidental water immersion or spray, vapor action, etc. Please note that the iPhone model does not provide water resistance, usually do not have any special designation on the dial or case back.

! One of the most popular waterproof feature is water resistant. It’s mean that at these smartphone model have a “WATER RESISTANT” inscription (“waterproof”). This means that the smartphone is capable of withstanding static pressures of 30 meter water column (3 atmospheres), but does not mean that they can dive to a depth of 30 m. The meaning of this line is that the smartphone is not spoiled by dripping when washing, in the rain, etc. The design of these smartphone allows their use in everyday life – for example, when washing your face or in the rain, but in these smartphone is not necessary to bathe, take a bath or wash your car. Yep.

What to do? Every year I saw iPhone water test via Youtubers and after that I can understand that is or isn’t iPhone waterproof. Is iPhone 7 waterproof? We can say it only after official iPhone 7 release date and after first iPhone 7 water test via Youtubers. I wait…

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