iPhone 8 Display in 2017???

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iPhone 8 Display in 2017??? Sharp has introduced the concept of a smartphone Corner R, the screen is completely devoid of frames – at the top and on the sides. The smartphone uses IGZO-panel that can display images with a pixel density of more than 1000 ppi. In the case of Corner R resolution of 1920 × 1080 (or 425 ppi). Completely get rid of the framework did not succeed: the bottom there is a panel with control buttons.

5.2-inch display is about 90% of the front of the smartphone, so the device looks very futuristic. Sharp showed CEATECH gadget on display in 2016 in Japan. The company has yet to reveal information about the technical characteristics of new items, also unknown, whether it is planned to launch it in production in the near future.


It is worth noting that earlier this year, Apple was granted a patent on the technology integration scanner Touch ID to display. One of them involves the use of ultrasound technology, which will put the fingerprinting under on-screen bar and improve the accuracy and speed of work, compared with capacitive sensors like the Touch ID.

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