iPhone 8 Transparent Glass Smartphone.

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We know that iPhone 8 Transparent Glass smartphone is most awaited smartphone in last years. We know that Apple will be released iPhone 7, but lots of iPhone owners want to buy revolutionary iPhone 8. Why?

In the first three quarters since launching the iPhone 6, Apple has sold a total number of 500 million iPhones (iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c). It’s very big market. Next time – iPhone 8 Transparent Glass Smartphone. (DOn’t forget read complete iPhone 8 Release Date + Features list.)


Why iPhone 8 Transparent Glass Smartphone?
We know that last years we can see similar smartphone via Apple, Samsung, HTC or others Made In China smartphones. Similar design, similar unibody, similar features. After the release in September 2014 the iPhone 6 Apple has become a leader among public companies in terms of revenue, last quarter of the achievement exceeded: revenue reached $75.9 billion, revenue of $18.4 billion But the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus not were a revelation to buyers and are unable to attract enough people willing to buy them, misfortune befell Apple in the Chinese market.


iPhone 8 Transparent Glass – To be or not to be?

We know that some companies released their new product – Transparent keyboard. It’s not concept or prototype. It’s 100% original glass keyboard. This new transparent touch keyboard is a new science and technology innovation. It’s biggest weakness is no traditional keyboard touch feeling. But it is also a subversion of the traditional design: touch gestures recognition, transparent design, cool blue LED, all this look and feel sense of science and technology.

It shows us that these technologies are developing for us. We know that iPhone 7 will be released with “old” unibody, but iPhone 8 transparent has big future.

Samsung Galaxy 11 prototype.

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