iPhone 9 Release Date, Specs, Price, Features, FAQ

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iPhone 9 Release Date, Specs, Price, Features, FAQ: In the past, Apple launched its new cool project – the iPhone X, which received a radically new design, a display, a powerful filling and advanced technology. Millions of iPhones fans changed their old models to a new iPhone. But time is moving forward, technologies are developing, and we want something new.What will the next iPhone in 2018 be called? And such is that Apple is going to release an updated version of the “X” – iPhone 9. iPhone 9 will be the continuation of the new line and will include the next series of innovations

What will the next iPhone in 2018 be called?

We know that Apple has special iPhone models names. Every year we try to guess the name of a new smartphone. If earlier it would have been very easy to do, since Apple named its smartphones one by one, then last year in Apple decided to go the other way and changed their traditions. What do we have?

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iPhone Models list:
– iPhone: 2007
– iPhone 3G: 2008
– iPhone 3GS: 2009
– iPhone 4: 2010
– iPhone 4s: 2011
– iPhone 5: 2012
– iPhone 5s: 2013
– iPhone 6: 2014
– iPhone 6s: 2015
– iPhone 7: 2016
– iPhone 8
– iPhone X
– iPhone 9 or iPhone 11???

How much will the iPhone 9?

iPhone 9 price in USA will be the same as last year for the iPhone 10: for 64 GB model will have to fall off $999, for 256 GB – $1,199. We know that Apple does not create cheap smartphones, so we are always interested in the price of a new smartphone. Although we hear rumors that Apple will create a new smartphone with a more reasonable price, we firmly know that such a wait in 2018 is not worth it. Sales of new smartphones continue to grow, so Apple does not make sense to sell smartphones cheaper.


When the iPhone 9 is coming out?

The release date of the new smartphone usually becomes clear after a special event that Apple holds for journalists. Usually this happens in September and a week or two later the company launches its new products. As it will be with the new iPhone in 2018 is still unclear, since last year Apple changed its rules as well as the name of the smartphone.

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iPhone 9 Release Date:
– iPhone 5: September 21, 2012
– iPhone 5S: September 20, 2013
– iPhone 6: September 19, 2014
– iPhone 6s: September 25, 2015
– iPhone 7: September 16, 2016
– iPhone 8: September 22, 2017
– iPhone X: November 3, 2017
– iPhone 9: September, 2018
– iPhone 11: November, 2018

What colors will the iPhone 9 be offered in?

What will be the new smartphone? Will it be metal or glass entirely? Usually, we learn the details about the new iPhone in late summer, when spare parts for new smartphones start to appear. Our friends working in the factory, start showing new chips of the new smartphone. The appearance of the iPhone 9 will not change much, except for reducing the camera’s convexity and a reduced panel with sensors on the front panel. There may be additional colors for better distinction from the previous model.

What specs will the iPhone 9 have?

There is a popular rumor that Apple in the iPhone 9 will increase the display, or rather will release an additional version of the iPhone 9 Plus type with a 6.5 inch display. This version of iPhone will suit fans of “shovels.” In any case, an iPhone with a large 6.5 “display without frames will look divine.

Will the iPhone 9 have distance charging?

One of the most interesting chips in the new smartphone is the ability to charge it from a distance. We know that many smartphones have this capability, but Apple is promised to do full-function charging. The main feature is the charging speed. We promise that the new iPhone 9 will be charged as quickly as through the wires.

Will the iPhone 9 be waterproof?

Yes. New iPhone 9 will be waterproof.

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