iPhone tracks all your movements (visited places): where to watch it and how to disable it

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Starting with iOS 7, Apple’s mobile operating system allows you to track data about the movement of the owner of the iPhone and iPad.

Information about frequently visited places is located in the standard Settings app along the way: “Privacy” → “Location Services” → “System services” → “Frequent Locations”. It is worth noting that this feature will be enabled by default, so that the iPhone or iPad will immediately start collecting data about places visited by the owner of the gadget. Of course, all this works only when the geolocation Service is enabled.
You can also view a list of places visited by the iPhone or iPad user. It is displayed in the form of movement history and contains coordinates and time when and how long the user was in any place.
This is a rather controversial decision of the Apple company. After all, all your movements are tracked and saved, and in addition, third parties have access to them. But on the other hand, such a function will probably be useful and interesting for the user. Plus, it will help Apple make its products better. In any case, the user is always given a choice: leave it enabled or disable it. However, it is strange that the “Frequent Locations” feature is enabled by default.
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