Jailbreak 9.3 (incl. iOS 9.2.1) will available to download.

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Jailbreak 9.3 (incl. iOS 9.2.1) will available to download after iOS 9.3 release date in 15-th March. It’s very nice news for all who wait Jailbreak 9.3 for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We know that new jb utility will work respect on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, ipHone 5, iPhone 4s and all iOS 9 supported iPads.

One unknown iPhone developer leaked information that he has jailbreak method for all iOS 9.3 devices. It’s very nice because Pangu and TaiG jailbreak team leaked information that they don’t have updated tools version for jailbreak 9.3 (incl. iOS 9.2.1). We know that Apple will be released their iOS 9.3 in March. Ok. When?  Jailbreak 9.3 will be released after official iOS 9.3 release date…..

Don’t forget official (only confirmed) jailbreak download links – Here!!!

Jailbreak community is the best …. Yes or Not????

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