Jailbreak iOS 13 is only one way to privacy.

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Jailbreak iOS 13 is only one way to privacy. It is already known that Apple will install new functions in its new iOS 13. Amazing iOS 13 will be have amazing features, but we want more – jailbreak iOS 13. Why?

We all understand that in the era of technology, it is increasingly difficult to save your personal information. One of the most desirable features that a jailbreak should give is the protection of personal information.

Now every iPhone has a camera, which we either turn on or off. We can think that when our smartphone is in the home mode, our camera is turned off. But unfortunately this is not always the case. In the next version of the iOS 13, Apple plans to give more features to our smartphone.

For example – it will turn on as soon as we approach our view to the monitor. This enables us to quickly turn on the iPhone and use it. All this is possible, since the camera of the “off” iPhone constantly works and sees us. All information is recorded, compressed and remains in the iPhone. When we connect to the network, all this data is uploaded to Apple’s servers. What to do? There is only one way out. Jailbreak iOS 13 and turn it off. That is why Apple has consistently denied jailbreaking. Jailbreak iOS 13 is only one way to freedom.

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