Jailbreak iOS 15 Release date, Download links and Specifications

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Jailbreak iOS 15 creators team (The Checkra1n development team) plans to release a new version of its jailbreak tool with partial support for iOS 15. The tool will support iPhone X and older models, and it cannot be fixed by a system update. Everyone knows that it will be the first to support iOS 15, but no one knows when. We know that Apple will release the new OS 15 in June 2021, and the final version in September. We hope that the jailbreak will be released in June, and not just in September.

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You will need a computer to install the jailbreak iOS 15. For now, the tool is still officially available only for macOS. There is no official version for Windows yet. But there is a way to install via Live-usb.
This is a semi-tethered jailbreak, which means you also need a computer to start the jailbreak process.
The data on your device should remain intact, but we still recommend that you keep a copy of it.

In iOS 15, Apple added a new security system to the A11 and newer processors (with the exception of Apple TV and iBridge), which does not allow the” standard ” way to hack the operating system. But thanks to the recently published Blackbird vulnerability, checkra1n developers still managed to bypass the A10 and A10X protection, gaining control of the Secure Enclave. There is still hope for the possibility of jailbreaking in the future. Let’s hope that the new jailbreak will work on the basis of these processors: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPad (sixth and seventh generations), iPod touch 7 and iPad Pro (second generation).

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