My iPhone is being tapped. What to do?


If you think that if you turned off the location on your iPhone, then you can not be followed. You think that no one can trace your position. Unfortunately, this is not true, because even when the location is turned off, Apple and other companies can monitor your location. My iPhone is being tapped. What to do?

The US government is allegedly trying to track the coronavirus pandemic using geolocation data generated by online ads shown on iPhones and other smartphones to find out how the virus is spreading across the country. Even if you turned off the location in your iPhone, the US government has the ability to determine your location. How is this possible?

On Wednesday, it was announced that a group of mobile operators in Europe will share customer location data with the European Commission to monitor the spread of the coronavirus. On Saturday, it was reported that a similar program is being implemented in the United States, but in a slightly different way.

several government officials have obtained data on the location of millions of smartphones and mobile devices across the country. Sources claim that the Federal government, the Centers for disease control and prevention, as well as state and local governments receive reports on the presence and movement of mobile phone users in specific areas of interest.

Instead of being received directly from operators, as in the European program, the American version gets its data from mobile ad trackers. Tracking, which Apple and privacy advocates have struggled with, usually allows a marketer to determine where customers are physically going, which allows for regional targeted advertising campaigns as well as tracking campaign performance.

My iPhone is being tapped. What to do? – This means that at the moment when we buy a new iPhone, we voluntarily allow other people to track us and know almost everything about us. By the way, the only way out is to jailbreak and install a special tweak that allows you to disable all outgoing data. We are starting to work on this. Follow our updates.

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