Samsung Note 8 Price in Usa, Canada, UK, Europe, World.

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Samsung Note 8 is most awaited phablet from Samsung’s fans. We know that last history with Note 7 has divided the owners on two sectors. One – who hate Samsung. Others want to buy new products via Samsung. If you one of them you must understand that new Samsung Note 8 will be released in next year, but not in September, but in March-April. Today i want to tell you more about Samsung Note 8 Price in Usa, Canada, UK, Europe, World.


Samsung Note 8 Price in USA:

Samsung Note 8 $769
Samsung Note 8 Edge $869

Samsung Note 8 Price in Canada:

Samsung Note 8 C $1049
Samsung Note 8 Edge C $1179

Samsung Note 8 Price in Australia:

Samsung Note 8 A $1269
Samsung Note 8 Edge A $1419

Samsung Note 8 Price in Europe:

Samsung Note 8 899 euro
Samsung Note 8 Edge 1009 euro

Samsung Note 8 Full Specifications:

Samsung Octa-core processor
8GB of RAM
4K resolution display
New Touch ID button
Metal + Glass frame design
Fastest Wireless charging: in 60 minutes, full charge
Rear dual camera 21MP  and front 12MP
Capturing 4K resolution video via dual camera
No microSD slot & No removable battery.
Special Android 7 version.
Updated Samsung Pay

Don’t forget that such pricing strategy and full specification are not official. We selected all rumors in one post. We wait official Samsung Note 8 keynote in March.

According to a survey conducted by the publication AndroidAuthority, one-third of respondents indicated that they are willing to buy instead detonating Galaxy Note 7 brand new not released Samsung Note 8. In his hand smartphone has played an unusual standard of protection from drops and shocks, dual screen and powerful today hardware. In no less consumers attracted Android 7.0 Nougat on board, as well as the prospect of a guaranteed upgrade to the next iteration of the OS.

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