Smart Keyboard Clone for the iPad Pro

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Apple’s pulled something of a surprise out its hat with its new Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro. Next time for Smart Keyboard Clone via China.

It is magical, and we wish there’s a knockoff for that pure genius cover. Guess what, we managed to get one from China, and it looks very similar to the original. However, it turns out there is a very unfortunate downside for the Smart Keyboard Clone (knockoff).

We had an strange time playing around the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Clone (knockoff). First, we are happy with its price. It is cheaper than the original. We got the black for 420 yuan (about $65), while Apple is providing it for $169. Next, it does not attach to our iPad Pro instantly.

We thought the knockoff will work the same as the original since it also comes with a self-aligning magnetic hinge. We were wrong. The magnetic hinge somehow got itself separated with the cover when we placed it near the left side of our iPad Pro… Lastly, it stinks. We are not sure what kind of poly material the knockoff makers have used on their Smart Keyboard Clone knockoff, it smells very bad.

It’s not official iPad Pro Smart Keyboard like on picture 🙁

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