Which iPad Model should I choose in 2020?


Apple last week announced new iPad Pro 2020 models without too much fuss. Two new tablets received new rear cameras with LiDAR scanner, as well as a new a12z processor. Meanwhile, the first a12z tests appeared, and we did not find a significant performance increase compared to the a12x processor in the iPad Pro 2018 generation.

Based on the test results, A12Z showed 1.114 points in the single-threaded Geekbench test. A12X gives almost the same level – 1.13 points. But in the multithreaded test, the difference is already more significant – the new A12Z showed 4.654 points, and the A12X – 4.608 points. So Apple doesn’t seem to have made significant changes in the CPU area.

But the differences in graphics performance are already more serious. But the reason is that the A12Z is equipped with eight graphics cores, and the a12x has only seven.

So owners of iPad Pro generation 2018 tablets should hardly think about upgrading, at least with an eye on the processor. Based on the results, Apple may well introduce another version of the iPad Pro towards the end of the year. Inside it will work already A13X or even A14X, and the display will be based on mini-LED technology. However, while all this is just rumors without confirmed information.

Which iPad Model should I choose in 2020? – If you use a tablet manufactured for more than 4 years and are looking for the best solution, I recommend buying the iPad Pro 2018 model, as it is not much inferior to the new iPad Pro 2020.

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