Which Macs are compatible with macOS Big Sur 11?

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Here you can see new MacOS Big Sur 10.16 Compatibility List of Supported Macs.

Officially, the new macOS Big Sur 10.16 update can be installed on 12-inch MacBook 2015 and later, 13-inch MacBook Air 2012 and later, and MacBook Pro 2012 and later with any screen size.

It will also work on Mac mini 2012 and newer, iMac 2012 and newer, mac Pro 2017 and newer, and Mac Pro 2013 and newer. After the release of the system, they will definitely come up with an unofficial way to install it on older Macs.

I will be testing macOS 10.16 on a 13-inch 2020 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in the basic configuration — this is my main working computer, which I’m not going to update to something more recent yet.

If you still want to install new macOS Big Sur 10.16 right now, it’s better to use the version for public testing that we discussed above. Updates for it will be released a little later, but they check them much better.

If this advice is not for you, then install the MacOS 10.16 for developer. To do this, you will need a special macOS 10.16 Big Sur Beta profile that can be downloaded from our site. See the section specifically for macOS Big Sur 10.16.

MacOS Big Sur 10.16 Compatibility List of Supported Macs:

    MacBook 2015 and later

    MacBook Air 2012 or later

    MacBook Pro 2012 or later

    Mac Mini 2012 or later

    iMac 2012 or later

    iMac Pro 2017 or later

    Mac Pro 2013 or later

Honestly, I don’t see any real reason to install new macOS Big Sur 10.16 on my main computer in my right mind. It will still work unstable, so you will famously lose your productivity.

If you have a second Mac that meets the requirements for macOS 10.16, you can try the system on it. But it still does not have the chips without which you can not survive until the release of the system this fall.

If you are already running mac OS Big Sur 10.16, be sure to share your feedback about its stability in the comments. You may have a different usage experience that will be of interest to us and other readers. Good luck!

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