WWDC 2013. Trends That Will Drive The Future Of iOS 7 Jailbreak.

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WWDC 2013. Trends That Will Drive The Future Of iOS 7 Jailbreak.

WWDC 2013. iOS 7 Event Keynote. (10-14-th June, 2013)

The next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7 is expected to be almost impenetrable.

each round of cat-and-mouse chasing between them and the jailbreakers, Apple
learns a bit more about what is required to secure its platform, hence
the ever-growing prices of these tools.

You do know that jailbreakers always save powerful tools for next
firmware versions launch, don’t you? Even with the iOS 7 jailbreaking
tool that doesn’t exist yet because there is no public iOS 7 release
yet, there are various vulnerabilities that the Evad3rs can use. Here
are some answers from Plantbeing to the most interesting questions about
iOS 7 and its future jailbreaking.

Evad3rs Jailbreak 6.1.3 Team will likely be waiting until the release
of iOS 7 in summer (august) before iOS 7 Jailbreak is released. Good
news for iOS 7 Jailbreakers –  it looks like there might also be someone
else in the iOS 7 Jailbreak scene — P0sixninja (aka Joshua Hill).

It’s true that huge corporations like Facebook, Google, Samsung or Apple are always in hunt for geniuses, and iOS Jailbreak team can be of much help. Sometimes they get job offers and even take them, but they don’t like to work for companies for a long while and soon start their own business.

Wanna hear about iOS 7 jailbreak release date? Are you curious to
know the specs and possible features of the next exploit tool that might
be launched this year?

It took so long for iOS 6 jailbreak untethered release that users nearly
lost their hopes for the ability to perform jailbreak on iPhone 5 and
iPhone 4S. Luckily the Evad3rs Jailbreak Team
created an exploit capable of iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak for all
confirmed iOS 6 devices, and now jailbreakers are ready to talk about iOS 7 jailbreak.

According to Planetbeing, the Apple made a job offer but jailbreak didn’t take it for logistical and personal reasons.

The well-known jailbreak thinks that the next iOS 7 jailbreak will be tougher to find because the next firmware version will be more difficult to trick. Of course, the iOS 7 jailbreaking community has a few tricks for future use as it found a way for iOS 6 / 6.1.2 jailbreak for iPhone 5 / 4S with most recent evasi0n 1.5.1 update.

Also now we know that there is no jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 so the situation with 7th version is more difficult. As for the iOS 7 jailbreak release, it’s hard to name the exact date because the team will have to study the new firmware after its presentation to see what they are able to do. And this firmware is still being developed by Apple.

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