Yahoo is ready to pay about $15 Billion to get default search engine in iOS 13

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Yahoo is ready to pay about $15 Billion to get default search engine in iOS 13. Google and Apple have been competing in the mobile device market for ten years. But against the background of regular ridicule in presentations, the two giants work closely together. According to the latest data, the cooperation Google with Apple costs billions of dollars annually.

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For years, there were rumors on the network that Google was paying Apple to have its search engine installed by default in the Safari browser on Apple mobile devices. In this case, none of the companies never officially talked about this cooperation.

According to some source, this year, Google has already paid and will pay Apple more than 9 billion dollars to continue using Google standard search engine in Safari for iOS. We are confident that in the future this figure will only grow. So, next year, Google will give the competitor about $ 12 billion. The partnership between the two competitors is due to the fact that Apple is one of the largest channels for collecting traffic for Google. In addition, it is an opportunity for Google to show advertisements to millions of iPhone and iPad owners, because advertising is the main source of profit for the search engine.

We always wondered how much Yahoo company was willing to pay for it. Recently, in narrow circles, there was information that Yahoo is ready to pay about 15 billion to get to this place.

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