Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Is it worth it to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4S.

iOS 8 iPhone 4S. After the release of new iOS 8 many owners of their iPhone 4s started to wonder should they install iOS 8 on iPhone 4s or not. As owner of iPhone 4s I was confused by the fact that Apple has not given the opportunity to install iOS 8 for iPhone 4. After some research, I can surely say that iOS 8 cannot work on iPhone 4. The reason is simple - Apple has updated its axis and it would be uncomfortable to work on iPhone 4.
Is it worth it to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4S?
What owners of iPhone 4S must do? Should they to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4s or not.
I recommend installing for those who want new features, but if you ready to have a slower work of your smartphone. 
I recommend not update if you are happy with your smartphone which is running on iOS 7. After installing iOS 8 on your iPhone 4s, you will immediately feel the speed of your device. Do you need that? I recommend working quietly on iOS 7.1.2 and don’t run after the fashion of updates too often.


izkandar ISO said...

when will ios 8 can be downgrade back to ios 7 ? i hate ios 8 because it is sooo lagging in my iphone 4s

Hafiz aLQadri said...

Ive install it on my 4s and it works great..ill say go for it..only waiting for 8.1 jailbreak and everything will be awesome xD

Andrian Ebels said...

My iPhone 4s hates new iOS 8. IOS 8.1 is better for iPh4, but not very good. Better is 7.1.2.

tt said...

my iPhone 4s is on 7.1.2. it now says the latest update is IO9. is there anyway i can upgrade JUST to ios8?

lee x said...

IOS8 adds full encryption to the phone so i would recommended it on iPhone 4S or higher

also on IOS 8 and higher, Find my phone (if enabled most do when it asks) turns the phone into a Brick if someone steals it as you need the owner's iCloud password even if they factory reset it, (so no more selling it out of the country any more, unfortunately at the moment thieves don't know that yet)

if your in USA make sure you Don't use the fingerprint as you can still be ordered by the police to unlock it with your fingers (as they say its not private) only exception to that rule is funny enough if they or you turn the phone off (before they take it off you) and turn it back on, the iPhone its mandatory to use Pin or passphrase to unlock on first power on (after pin used once you can then use fingerprint)

Unknown said...

how did u?? on ur iphone 4s?? i cant do it...i want to do it on itunes through a pc on windows laptop..can u help?

alex14austin said...

Hi. Why my iphone say that the latest version is up to date well i only ios 7.1.2 i guess thats . How can i update it? Pla help

A Bouraq said...

Because it's latest version of Ios on iphone 4 ,,And Ios 8 will start only at laeast on Iphone 4s and up

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