iOS 8.0.1 Download Links Available For iPhone, iPad,

iOS 8.0.1 download links available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 5 gen. [supported devices]. iOS 8.0.1 corrected a number of technical errors. In particular, Apple will solve the problem with video playback in Safari, trickling through Passbook AirDrop and creating profiles VPN.

List of changes in iOS 8.0.1 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad:

* Phone: fixed a bugs related to the function redirects calls and hangs voicemail.
* Keyboard: solved the problem with the keyboard when you enter the verification code in the  
* Keychain iCloud.
* Safari: Fixed bug with video playback.
* Sharing: Fixed bug with sending content via Passbook AirDrop.
* VPN: the problem with the installation of VPN-profile.

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