Thursday, May 31, 2018

iPhone X Jailbreak on iOS 12

Amazing. iPhone X Jailbreak download links. iOS 12 Jailbreak for all supported devices!!! It's one of the first message which we received from some our subscribers. They leaked that they find one confiremd iOS 12 Jailbreak method. It's very interesting. Ok. let's go.
How To iPhone X Jailbreak:

Step 1: Launch Safari on your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 12.

Step 2: Open iOS 12 Jailbreak < this page.

Step 3: After the page loads up, Go to > the bottom of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and tap on the up arrow as shown here.

Step 4: In the next screen you see the options page where you need to select Add to Home Screen.

Step 5: Now rename the Cydia app icon as Cydia and tap on Add

Step 6: You now have Cydia iOS 12 app icon installed on iPhone X running on last version of iOS 12 firmware.

Step 7: Tap on this icon to get the latest of iOS 12 jailbreak updates.

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Why iPhone X Jailbreak? iPhone X is a new smartphone from Apple with a 5.8-inch screen, without a Home button, but with a face recognition system. The device has an OLED display without frames, wireless charging, and an interactive touch surface. Dual camera smartphone is located vertically. Lot's of iPhone X owners want to install new jailbroken apps like Youtube++ and more. One way to install Cydia on iPhone X is jailbreak. 


  1. Can people just use there brains and just follow you guys on twitter to know when there's a jailbreak

  2. Don't post stupid methods and fake form of jailbreak rather go to Youtube and look for Brandon Butch for more credible update on ios jailbreak! Mother fuckers!

  3. OK, WE have seen and know with surety that Hackers of Today have become lazy nowadays, they feel so arrogant or bored in their own "Lives, and jobs." they can care less about what having fun and hacking into the forbidden fruit called iOS.X (X=Current) in case you have forgotten that there is "for fun and educational purposes." still left, don't get to all grown up now! OK kids?


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