iOS 12 is HERE [Review]

Here you can read all about our iOS 12 Review: new iOS 12 features, updates, bugs, errors and how to install iOS 12 via one click and 2 min.  

What's new in iOS 12 Beta 2:

iOS 12 Beta 2 has new features:
- Despite the fact that the update was primarily aimed at improving the stability of the operating system, there were some significant innovations.
- In the new iOS 12 Beta update Apple fixed a some bug, because of which the GPS function could not work correctly.
- In addition, the function "Screen Time".
- Also, users note the appearance of vibration when unlocking the iPhone.
- The section Downtime provides the ability to block the use of applications for a specific period of time, as well as a choice for which categories of programs to update access.
- Another innovation in iOS 12 will appreciate the owners of the iPad: henceforth applications that are not optimized for Apple's tablets are shown in the screen resolution of the iPhone 6, whereas earlier for this, the lower resolution of the display was used.

What innovations did you notice in iOS 12 beta 2?

What's new in iOS 12:


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