Does the new iOS 14 work on very old iPhones like iPhone 6/6S or iPhone 7?


We know that Apple is launching a new iOS 14 with completely new features in 2020. After the most disastrous and shameful update, which we call iOS 13, the company decided to completely remake the new iOS.

The new iOS 14 will be significantly more stable than the current one, and will also have a new way of processing data. Owners of new iPhones and iPads do not worry about their smartphones, but owners of older devices ask these questions:  

Will iPhone 6S work on iOS 14? – Yes. You will be able to install it. Unfortunately, iPhone 6 is already outdated, so it will not be possible to install iOS14 on it.

Will iPhone 7 get iOS 14? – Although Apple does not provide this information at the moment, we can say with confidence that the new iOS 14 can be installed on older models, such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 

Don’t forget that official iOS 14 release date you can find here. All iOS 14 download links will be here.

You will be able to install new iOS 14 on all of the above models, but not all of the new features will be available on all devices. Some will only be available on modern iPhones and iPads.

It is very impressive that the models released in 2015 are still supported by new versions of the system. You will be able to install new iOS 14 versions on iPhone 6s for more than 5 years. This once again proves how powerful the company’s technology is, and how much the system can optimize it. Moreover, iOS 14 do not have to make older models more slowly.

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