How To Enable iPhone Smart Charging


The iPhone Smart Charging feature added to iOS 13, which allows you to significantly extend the battery life, does not work for many users.

In order for the function to start working, it is necessary that the iPhone is properly configured and, moreover, used correctly. They told us what parameters they are talking about.

Activating smart charging causes the iPhone to start charging in a special way. The smartphone battery recharges up to 80% in the most normal way, charging at full speed. Then, from 80 to 100%, the iPhone is charged in a gentle mode. The remaining 20% is credited within a few hours. This reduces the load on the battery and extends its service life.

The main disadvantage of the function is that it does not work for all users. In order for this feature to work, you must have a special setting enabled in your privacy settings. It is located in the menu “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Location Services” → “System services” → “Important Locations”.

If tracking “Important geopositions” is disabled, the smart charging function will not start. Apple does not specify how they are related to each other. However, iPhone users have found out this experimentally, paying attention to the direct relationship between the options.

How To Enable iPhone Smart Charging:

– You must leave your iPhone charging for a long time. Best for the night, as Apple recommends.

– Enable the “Important geopositions” function.

And, of course, you need to enable the fast charging function itself. You can do this in the menu “Settings” → “Battery” → “Battery Status” → “Optimized charging”.

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