You can use the iOS 14 to open your car via CarKey

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In the new iOS 14, you can see Apple’s “CarKey” feature for iOS, potentially offering the first glimpse of a digital key that will allow users to control car systems using an iPhone and Apple Watch.

Digital keys are stored in the Wallet app, and registered cars are listed as viewed cards. When you click on the car’s avatar, a screen opens that displays the saved information about the car, the Issuer of the digital key, the option to enable Express mode, shared access settings, and the ability to delete the key from the wallet.

Express mode, like the Express transit feature in Wallet, automatically enables CarKey, without requiring authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or password. In theory, this feature will allow users to simply go to their car, unlock and start it without taking the device out of their wallet or trousers. If the mode works similarly to Express Transit, the digital key can also work when the iPhone battery is low.

Some cars with wireless key have built-in safe driving modes that limit the driver’s speed and other mechanical settings. We wait new iOS 14 release date for all iOS 14 supported devices.

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