iOS 11 Jailbreak Update – One Click + 3 min.

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iOS 11 Jailbreak via one click. Apple has been released new iOS 11. You can iOS 11 download via direct links or special profile for free. It’s one of the cool iOS in history. You can use more 50+ new features. It’s very cool. Image: iOS 11 Jailbreak Update:

It’s one of the most popular iOS 11 Jailbreak question from all who want install new iOS 11 Jailbreak – Cydia Tweaks. We want to more. We want to freedom.

iOS 11 Features:

New iOS 11 has received many improvements compared to iOS 10. There is also an updated iMessage application with the function of synchronization of messages between several user devices, data encryption and the ability to transfer money to other users via Apple Pay, and the camera with HEVC support, and an updated Control Point interface.

Maps have also been updated. The company map application Apple Maps can now navigate inside shopping centers and airports. The interface of the App Store online store has also undergone significant changes. These are large headlines, fonts and covers in the style of Apple Music.

Also, you can not ignore the appearance of a new Files application, which, as the name implies, is intended for working with local data, as well as data stored in the cloud. It supports not only cloud service iCloud, but also Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive.

iOS 11 beta version has already begun. The release of the final version is expected to take place this fall.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Release Date:

AGAIN. Some home pages leaked (One Click + 3 min.) that new iOS 11 Jailbreak has been released.

You can find some iOS 11 Jailbreak Download Links, but you must understand that it’s fake. We know that jailbreak developers will be released their tools only after release date of iOS 11 final version. If you find such links, you must ignore it and not install. You can lost contacts, passwords, emails. Don’t do it.

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