iOS 13 Release Date, Rumors and Updates

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iOS 13 release date is most popular question in Apple community. Here you can find all information about it. The new iOS 13 release date has 3 different destinations.

iOS 13 beta is aimed at application developers and contains radical changes, but it is often unstable and has many errors. iOS 13 public version is a more optimized version and comes out a few days after the beta. iOS 13 final version is a major and is designed for installation to all users who want to get a stable version. It comes out much later than beta and public.

iOS 13 Release Date:

iOS 13 Beta 1 release date: 3-th June, 2019

iOS 13 Public release date: 5-th June, 2019

iOS 13 Final release date: 16-th September, 2019

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Protecting personal information is one of the most pressing reasons in anticipation of the release of a new iOS 13. Why?

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In iOS 12, Apple began blocking cookies on websites through the Safari browser. In the new iOS 13, the company can extend this practice to applications. iOS 13 will collect information about what data the applications collect and suggest that users limit their rights or take other actions.

This approach fits into Apple’s strategy of restricting developers, and will meet the requirements of the new European data protection regulations. It should also be borne in mind that by limiting the transfer of personal data to third-party developers, Apple not only “cares” about the user, but also strengthens its position in the data collection market.

I’ve been waiting for such a function for a long time, because, using third-party programs, I’m not pleased to know that the application sells my personal data to third parties. If Apple introduces such restrictions in new iOS 13, we will be able to disable access to our personal information.

For example: when you have installed Facebook, the Facebook company collects not only your personal data that you provide to it, but also all data from other programs that are installed on your iPhone.

If you’ve searched Google Maps for a restaurant or cafe, Facebook knows this and sells this information to those who want to know. If you decide to play Need For Speed, Facebook knows about it and will sell this information to game developers. And you, in turn, will constantly receive promotional offers to buy a game from them. It turns out that all your requests and personal information becomes known to all.

Apple wants to control all the information about you. In the new iOS 13, she can stop it and leave such data on her servers. Thus, we can feel safe. Therefore, the new iOS 13 will be for us even more attractive. It’s main reason why iPhone owners wait offfical iOS 13 release date.

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