No of Ways To Jailbreak iPhone running on iOS 13

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Found a iOS 13 Jailbreak? Do not rush to download.Why? Here you can find to ways to jailbreak iPhone running on new iOS 13 beta / public.

PsychoTea denied breaking the first beta version of iOS 13, which was released last week. The media decided to earn a lot on the traffic of this false information. This was done by almost all news media.

On Monday, June 10, he posted a photo of an iPhone with an installed Cydia Store. In the description of the snapshot, the jailbreak creator noted that he was able to successfully hack the beta version of iOS 12.4. Journalists did not read the description and wrote about the first jailbreak of iOS 13. This news reached all the world’s media.

Earlier, well-known developers in the Apple community found out that in iOS 13 a lot of work was done to increase the kernel security of the operating system. In this regard, the chances of a full-fledged jailbreak iOS 13 are called minimal.

After this news, many sites began offering to download a new jailbreak. Those who believed this information downloaded and installed a fake jailbreak and lost their personal information – passwords and access to personal information. Cheats when installing such unreal jailbreak programs, get access to all the data of iPhones and steal them.

We strongly recommend not to believe such sites. We remind you that on this page you can check all possible versions of the jailbreak. If it is not on our website, then you have found a fake program. We do not recommend installing it.

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