iPhone 11 always and everywhere records your location

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Apple has provided a disturbing message for iPhone users. Now the company has admitted that the settings of millions of iPhones included iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max mislead users about their use of location data, and promised to fix it.

The study, which was published by security specialist Brian Krebs, proves that Apple’s new range of iPhone 11 searches for information about their whereabouts, even if users have specifically changed the phone’s privacy settings to prevent this from happening. Krebs notes that this violates the company’s own privacy policy.

In response, Apple initially rejected the finding, which Krebs documented. However, this behavior was not unexpected. But today, the company changed its mind, warning users that the new chip of this series is behind these checks.

Apple explains this by the fact that the new iPhone models are equipped with an ultra-wideband chip U1, which uses location data, as in the territory of some facilities, ultra-wideband technology is prohibited by international norms. The smartphone must “make sure” that it is not in a place where the use of the U1 chip is prohibited. At the same time, the company noted that it does not collect data on the location of users, since the geoposition check is performed on the device itself.

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