Is Your New iPhone X Toxic?

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Is Your New iPhone X Toxic? We know that iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the world. Not surprisingly, some attackers are trying to harm companies. Last week, we received information that some details for smartphones that had increased toxicity were found at the Shenzhen plant.

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The company does not say what exactly this part of the smartphone is, but as it became known to us through our friends at the factory, a few boxes of already collected smartphones were destroyed.

We understand that every smartphone has a lot of metal parts, so before they install, they are checked for toxicity and radioactivity. We understand that many companies want to reduce their costs, so they buy up metal for production.

It is not surprising that sometimes there are metal parts that have an increased risk. The good thing is that the company has a quality control department, so we get our smartphones already proven and completely safe.

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