New iPhone 2019 Release Date, Price, Camera Quality, Battery Life, Storage Sizes

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All the owners of modern smartphones do not stand still. Buying a new iPhone 2019 model, we want to see in it all the latest developments, so manufacturers try to make it better than their competitors. Here you can read more about New iPhone 2019 release date, price, camera quality, battery life, storage sizes and others features or specs.

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Today I propose to get acquainted with the latest news about the new iPhone, which the company calls the iPhone 2020. Although now we have on the calendar we see 2019, everyone wants to know what will be the next-generation iPhone. So, let’s go.

What is the name of the new iPhone 2019?

Every year, all news publications are trying to guess the name of the new iPhone. Everyone wants to be the first to announce that the new iPhone will be called iPhone X, iPhone X2, iPhone 2020 or “new iPhone”. 🙂 Everyone wants to know its name, what kind of packaging it will have and how much it will cost. Although Apple is never informed of the name of the new iPhone, all journalists and bloggers are trying to find out more information.

How much does a new iPhone 2019 cost?

New iPhone price in USA and worldwide is the most discussed topic in the field of technology. For many years, journalists and bloggers have written that Apple should make concessions and release their new iPhone at a lower price. Many are waiting for a high quality new iPhone, but with a more affordable price. The new iPhone will have several sizes and memory capacity. We know that last year the company released 3 models, but this year I’m waiting for 2 models. The standard version of the new iPhone has a price of about $ 999 for 64GB and $ 1199 for 256GB. A larger version (similar to the previous iPhone 7 Plus) has a price of $ 1299 for 512GB.

New iPhone 2019 Price in USA

Model Size US dollar
Apple iPhone 64GB $999
Apple iPhone 256GB $1199
Apple iPhone Max 512GB $1299

When does the new iPhone 2019 come out?

If you want to buy a new iPhone, you want to know the release date of the new iPhone. Many who love Apple’s technique begin to save money to buy a new iPhone. This is relevant, since the smartphone has a high price, so not everyone can pay the entire amount immediately. People want to know the release date to collect money and get a new iPhone as soon as possible. Usually, Apple releases its new product in late September, but last year it changed its principles. We were able to buy a new iPhone X only in November. What should Apple do this year? So far no one knows, but everyone is waiting for the conference for journalists to be held in September, which means that we will release a new iPhone in September.

New iPhone 2019 Release Date in USA, Europe, Worldwide

Country Release Date, Availability
Unites Stated (USA) 20-th September, 2019
Canada 20-th September, 2019
United Kingdom (UK) 20-th September, 2019
France 20-th September, 2019
UAE 20-th September, 2019
Singapore 20-th September, 2019
China 20-th September, 2019
Japan 20-th September, 2019
Hong Kong 20-th September, 2019

How many megapixels is the new iPhone 2019?

Answer on this question we want to see in the our iPhone description. Buying a new iPhone we want to know how the camera shoots, how many megapixels is the iPhone and is the iPhone video 4K. We like to take a lot of photos, shoot a lot of videos and after upload on Instagram or YouTube. The new iPhone has a new camera, which allows you to make better photos and video during the day, as well as in the dark. How many megapixels is the new iPhone? New iPhone has 18 megapixels and shoots 4K.

How long is the battery life on the new iPhone 2019?

No matter how good a smartphone is, but if it is discharged, it will not help us. The battery in a new iPhone allows you to use your iPhone for 3 days without recharging, which makes it very convenient. It’s one of the best battery lifetime in iPhone history. Amazing.

What’s new in the new iPhone 2019?

In the new iPhone there is a more bulky battery, which makes it possible to work 3 days. The new iPhone has a new processor that allows you to play new games, quickly find the right information. The new iPhone has a new OS, which is adapted to the very latest owners need. The new iPhone has a more advanced camera, which makes high-quality video and photo.

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