No Privacy in iOS 13.


No Privacy in iOS 13. As we said earlier, the new iOS 13 will have new features that should make our lives more convenient. But for the convenience you have to pay. What is the most expensive in our lives?

Our private life. Although we freely share our personal information with social networks with strangers, we want to have our own closed world. This is our private life. Unfortunately, every day we lose it more and

The new iOS 13 will be even more open platform. Don’t forget read: iOS 13 Release Date, Rumors and Updates. What bothers me the most is that the iPhone’s camera doesn’t close. This means that even in sleep mode, the camera of my iPhone works and records everything that happens around.

We can think that when our iPhone is on the table, it does nothing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our iPhone records sound and video. Then all this information is stored on the iPhone. When we Wifi turn on, all information go to Apple. We believe in it or not, but it is so. No Privacy in iOS 13. There is only one way out – we’ll talk about him next time here.

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