How To Fix iPhone 6 Battery Life Problems.

How to enable iPhone 6 battery long life features? Do you have new iPhone 6? iPhone 6 has very excellent features like new display size. We understand that new display size has one big question. We have experience with all iPhone models like iPhone 2G and iPhone 5S. We recommend that you charge your new iPhone 6 battery is more than 80 %., not 50 or 60%, but only 80 and more. In general, the optimum level of charge is 100 %.

The reason is that each cell lithium-polymer battery is charged to the proper voltage. The higher the charge, the higher the voltage level. The more voltage keeps cell, the greater the load it is experiencing. This in turn leads to a decrease in the number of possible recharges. The researcher said that the battery charged to 100%, will work only 1600-1900 cycles and up to 70% charged battery – 600-800.

Don't worry, your new iPhone 6 has long life battery features.