What’s new in iOS 13 – Reasons Why You Should Install new iOS 13

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Every year, Apple releases a new iOS. Next time – all new iOS 13. Millions of iPhone owners are waiting for this event to install a new iOS on their smartphones. Every year we want to have more opportunities so that our iPhones can perform many tasks. This is especially important for those who use their iPhone as the main tool in business or in everyday life.

We know that the company follows the needs of customers who talk about them in social networks. Apple employees collect data on consumer desires and gradually integrate them into their products. That is why it is very important that the owners of iPhones openly talk about their problems and desires. It may seem to us that they do not hear us, but in fact, Apple has a whole department in the company that monitors what is happening around.


What’s new in iOS 13:

  • New iOS 13 has become much faster than iOS 12 – applications will run twice as fast.

  • There was a long-awaited dark theme (Dark Mode), which will repaint the interface of all standard applications. And this is not just a replacement for colors, but a full elaboration of textures and shadows.

  • Unlocking with Face ID is 30% faster.

  • Lyrics are also available on Apple Music on iOS.

  • The keyboard recognizes the swipe input, called the Quick Path.

  • A lot of improvements received browser Safari, where you can change the font sizes of sites.

  • In the redesigned reminder application, the system using the AI ​​guesses and suggests time and contacts that can be noted.

  • Maps have become more detailed, a 3D street view and the function of adding favorite places to separate favorites lists have appeared.

  • Selected applications can be given access to geolocation only once. In doing so, they cannot use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to determine your location.

  • Login with Apple in to various applications can now not only through Facebook or Google, but also through an Apple account.

  • With Face ID, you can create temporary accounts without specifying personal email. Apple will automatically make a random box and link it to yours.

  • Animoji in iOS 13 received new colors and accessories, including AirPods.

  • In the photo you can adjust the light, shadows, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness and other parameters.

  • Video editing can be rotated directly on the device, as well as crop and apply various effects.

  • Siri voice is enhanced with artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • iOS 13 will receive: iPod touch, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and more and more new models of Apple smartphones.

I just can not understand how Apple has been able to satisfy iPhone owners for 10 years. We are so different, we have different interests, we have different requirements for our iPhones, and Apple manages to create its products that work perfectly and satisfy their customers.

So it’s very important to make sure where you can download iOS 13, how to install iOS 13, what problems the new iOS 13 has and how to downgrade the new iOS 13.

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