Apple Watch Supported Devices + Compatibility List

Official Apple Watch supported devices + release date USA, Canada, UK confirmed. The starting price was known even earlier - from $ 350 for a standard version. Next question: Apple Watch Supported Devices. Which iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch models will get Apple Watch?
Indeed, why Apple Watch, when there are already iPhone, without which the clock will still not be able to fully work. And the work, they, in fact, can not for too long. But now is not about that.

Apple Watch Supported Devices + Compatibility List:
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5
Only running the latest version of iOS 8.

The thing is that people have different perceptions of the information with the iPhone and Apple Watch. These are two completely different devices and work with them has nothing to do. Think for yourself: the clock is always in direct access - raised wrist and information already before his eyes. On the phone all quite different: it is necessary to get out of his pocket and unlocked. Even to simply check for new notifications, a person commits a huge amount of unnecessary actions.

Don't forget: Apple Watch Jailbreak has very big future!!!