Why you should buy the Apple Watch!

Today we didn't speak for a long time about Apple Watch price in USA, UK, Canada and China. You know that Apple Watch pricing strategy is like iPhone. Tim Cook officially announced that Apple will launch Apple Watch on sale in April. Now we know Apple Watch supported devices. Next time for general question.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch:

In 2013, users of Android-smartphone conducted the study, which was attended by about 150,000 people. According to the test results, each of these people on average unlocked device 110 times per day!!!

This is 9 times each hour, but when you consider that we sleep at night, it may be all of 18 times per hour. Obviously, the results will be the same for users of iPhone (although the experts assure that the figure will be much higher).

Check the statistics and you can imagine: count how often you check your smartphone. It may well be that you can hardly do not sleep with him. This is - uncomfortable. In contrast to the simple way of looking at his hand, which will be located Apple Watch and immediately gain access to all relevant information and notifications. Each of the 110 times per day!!! And even more.

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