Friday, August 16, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 6 Download Links Now Available For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

iOS 7 Download Surprise. Where are those analysts who know everything and predict? "iOS 7 Download Links Beta 6 will be released in second week". Ha ha. iOS 7 Beta 6 Download Links Now Available For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Do not listen to those sources, and read us. Now you can download iOS 7 Beta 6 for your idevices. Maybe do you really wanna know iOS 7 Jailbreak?

Method 1.

1) Select your device and click “Settings”
2) Click “General”
3) Click “Software Update”
4) Download new iOS 7

P.S. iOS 7 Download, Install. 3 Methods (Detailed instructions)
       iOS 7 Download Links  


  1. Replies
    1. Can i restore my iphone 4s to 6.1.2 using the 6.1.2 ipsw??

    2. if i update via OTA can i need developer account? because i, not have developer account, thanks

    3. No. You can install iOS 7 Beta without UDID

    4. thank you :) I will update via OTA

  2. cool! i have iphone 4....sow,not sow cool!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Stable... Updated via OTA

    2. or ....

      How to Install iOS 7 Beta 6 :

      1) Download iOS 7 Beta 5 and install.
      2) Select your device and click “Settings”
      3) Click “General”
      4) Click “Software Update”
      5) Download new iOS 7


    3. Iphone 4s have jailbreak or not yet???????????????????/

  4. the links are uploading or not?

  5. I don have UDID account, can i update via OTA?

  6. but how do u actually get the beta 5 i have it downloaded but what should i do?????

  7. Replies
    1. Yes. Confirmed.You can install iOS 7 without UDID

  8. I don't think i can install beta 5 after releasing beta 6. You said it can be. R u sure about that?
    And now I'm downloading beta 6 uploaded in Sinful at MEGA. But still waiting links which can be downloaded with IDM.
    Most of the posts from this blog are like spams. Useless and tweak with header. Firstly, I saw this post in my subscribe mail, I really happy and come visit to here. But wasted! NO DOWNLOAD LINKS to match with post header.

    1. Read pls

    2. i cant understand, you keep on saying that its IOS7 Beta6 installation, yet you want us to download IOS7 Beta5 , are Beta 5 And 6 the same, thanks

  9. Idk what's going on but when I click on software update it tells me that i have the current version and no! I have IOS 7 Beta 5. Is there any link where i can download beta 6? I've been having some problems with beta 5. :/
    Thanks for your help!


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