iOS 7, Jailbreak, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C - Big Trends For Fall 2013.

iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C. MacBook Air. iOS 7 Jailbreak or iPad Mini 2. What is? Despite the overall decline of sales of personal computers, there is a rapid growth in other forms of computer-factors that have greater mobility and are more comfortable in usage. The representatives of the younger generation more often make their choice for portable machines, and more often the object of their choice are the products of Apple. Our reader has focused his thoughts on this trend.

"Dad, Dad, will you present me the tablet for my Birthday?" – a baby cried uncontrollably.

"Isn’t it early?" - murmured dad with a boring smile. Is it a familiar dialogue? Time will pass, I will quietly steal to my sprog, and I will see him bending over a piece of paper. Not long ago have learned how to write, he would scribble scrawls at the time when I ask " what are you writing, son?’ Hearing in response:   «The letter to Santa Claus», I’ll begin to suppose that would be in the list: a set of a young radio technician, a large toy excavator or a costume of musketeer, after all. But no! I'll hardly find there something except the gadgets of the 21st century.

"Would you be so kind to advise me a tablet?" - Doomed dad was standing at the counter.
"Yes, of course. And for what purpose do you need it? "-
«For a kid. »

 Do you think the girl gave me the model based on the Android? Hardly.

"Dad, I need a laptop, I'm already in the high school. Will you help me to choose it? "- Asked the teenage son. Of course, I've always helped him. Despite all father’s advices, the son chose a monolithic aluminum computer with an attractive surface. He doesn’t pick any longer his computer while searching for any interesting customizations. He does not play games. The sum of money he had saved up was not enough and I put the lion's share of funds.

A new generation grows up on the products of the Apple. This generation will evaluate the electronic devices according to a high bracket. They will expect from the future technologies speed and reliability that they have received from the iPhone, iPad and Macbook. They would never get used to Windows, because they were born in the other time. At this time they will not tolerate poor quality for a long time, it is impossible to get the most satisfying experience in using the computer, which is assembled by the one company and is managed by the operating system from a completely different brand.

IPad is an entertainment device. It may also be useful while working as an input device. Laptops are powerful working computers. And those who create the content, make difficult computational sums, are engaged in design and engineering, will use for their work just such computer. They are faster, their screens are larger, and the keyboard is much more convenient.

The need remains, but why the industry watches the fall of the sales of PC? This is dictated by the priorities of the generation of the Apple. IPad has replaced the weak Windows- the computers from the scope of such non-demanding tasks as e-mail checking, social networks and killing time with Angry Birds instead of the patience. Pseudo mobility is replaced by a truly mobile device, which is still a gadget of leisure. Laptops will not go away forever.

The professionals will need them. PC continues to offer to user too much, because it is also a serious playing platform. But the generation of the Apple does not need everything and satisfactory. It needs something specific and of a very high level. It explains the concernment in the line of Macbook.

It is the best working device that any representative of a new generation will select opposed to any entertaining device. And that is why the company, which we like, holds a very proper course to satiation the market with simple computers for work, with the best tablets for entertainment and with smartphones of a very high quality.

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