Jailbreak. How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Jailbreak. How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

WHAT IS JAILBREAK: Jailbreak is the process by which Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is modified to run unsigned code in order to gain access to files that Apple wouldn’t normally let you access.

WHY JAILBREAK: Jailbreak adds unofficial application installers to your iOS device, such as Cydia, which let you download many 3rd-party applications, tweaks, and extensions that are unavailable through the App Store. These packages open up endless possibilities to do things on your iOS device that a non-jailbroken iOS device would never be able to do.

You can install extensions that give you instant access to your system settings from anywhere on your iOS device, bypass certain restrictions set in place by Apple and the carriers, and find packages that give you more control over your iOS experience.

INSTALL CRACKED APPS: Jailbreak is about freeing your iOS device from Apple’s restrictions to let you install anything you want.

JAILBREAK IS LEGAL: Jailbreaking is completely legal, at least here in the US. For a long time, jailbreaking was considered illegal by the US government based on copyright litigation.

JAILBREAK LIKE ITUNES & APP STORE: You can use iTunes and the App Store after jailbreaking your device. As a matter of fact, nothing will really change. The only notable change to your iOS device will be that, after jailbreaking, you will have a new application installed on your device called Cydia.

One of the many confusing aspects of Jailbreaking that new users struggle to understand is the concept of a ‘tethered’ and an ‘untethered’ Jailbreak. The terminology used can sometimes be quite daunting, but most of the time it is just a technical way of saying something quite simple. When a device is Jailbroken a new ‘App Store’ is installed on the device called Cydia.

Tethered Jailbreak – this means that if you EVER reboot, restart or lose power to your device post jailbreak, then you will need to boot your device up connected to a computer to enable the Jailbreak functions to work. The device itself will boot up normally without this ‘tethered’ connection, however, all Jailbreak features will be disabled, and also due to the aforementioned changes in architecture, some native iOS services will also cease to function, with the most prominent being mobile Safari browser. This is not as daunting as it seems, as the Jailbreak tool will generally have ‘boot as tethered’ option which simply patches the kernel again (temporarily until next reboot) and boots the device up.

Untethered Jailbreak – As you might imagine this is the reverse of the information above. An untethered Jailbreak is what we aspire to, and is the ‘ideal’ solution. It means that once the kernel has been patched and the Jailbreak procedure is complete, you can power down, hard reset or reboot your device as often as you like without issue. This type of Jailbreak is considered the ideal for many tangible reasons, but one which affects most Cydia users is that many of the tweaks available through Cydia require the device to be rebooted after installation, this becomes increasingly annoying if you need to perform a tethered boot each time.