Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How To enable Slide To Unlock in iOS 10.

iOS 10 Review. Next time to Slide To Unlock. Apple completely redid the lock screen in iOS 10. Familiar swipe right gave way to the new team to unlock - pressing the Home button. Slide To Unlock iOS 10 hasn't the future.

Initially, the new way to access to iOS 10 Home Screen seems unusual. Each unlock the thumb of habit will make a swipe to the right, thus opening up a new panel with widgets.

By the way, you may find that your gadget to jailbreak and put sly tweak from Cydia to iOS 10 Lockscreen. But so it is: Apple for the first time use widgets on the lock screen.

Such situation with «Slide to unlock» on iOS 10 is quite understandable: the spread of Touch ID device users are more likely to click on the iPhone home button, instead of swipe right to unlock it. If your smartphone is not a miracle-key biometric authentication or you can't enable touch ID, you're out of luck.

On iOS, 10 even if the device is disabled Touch ID gadget will be unlocked by pressing the center button. Is it more convenient to the usual swipe across the screen to be seen.

How To enable Slide To Unlock in iOS 10 - no way... only after iOS 10 Jailbreak.


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    1. We hate this iOS 10 feature, but no ways. :(

  2. There is no tutorial. This is some clickbait right here. Read the end of the post "How to enable slide to unlock in ios 10 - no way..."

    This site in general is complete crap

  3. Evad3rs.Net, who are you? you are FAKE and your site is total fake with fake articles with no useful info!

    1. Haha. Our page works since 2010. If you are "old" jailbreak owner, you must know that our guides and tutorials posted lots home pages. Sometimes we can't write complete guides, but all information on our page legit.


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